The Amalgams, formerly trapped in the True Lab, have long broken free of the Laboratory and swarmed out to hunt the paths and caves of Hotland. They are virtually indestructible, as they are no longer truly alive to kill, and starve continually for flesh. The Lab remains their lair, and they don’t venture past the second level of Hotland, mostly due to Muffet and her spiders. A bite from them would dredge up long forgotten memories, far too painful to bear.

Their forms are largely unaffected by their consumption of flesh. The Hunger only makes them stronger, faster, and smarter. The cleverest have been spotted messing with the old traps, and several have been activated.

Amalgams Edit


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Endogeny Edit

Endogeny has become a relentless tracker, braying constantly once it has discovered the scent of a monster nearby. Its form is largely unaffected; it remains a convulsing, foaming mass of dog monsters lost to time and space. The liquid it excretes has become a deadly, acidic contaminant that can eat through steel, and its dedication to the chase is unending. You cannot throw off Endogeny’s pursuit unless it is eating, or if anime is playing on one of the lab monitors.
Lemon bread

"wELCome TO -- ------ HeLL." Property of Mercy-monster.

Lemon Bread Edit

The defacto leader of the amalgamates, and the most powerful of them all. She has unnatural power over the magicks of other beings, though she has to be very close to use it. She moves extremely slowly until within attacking distance. She has only become more terrifying with very few malformations, namely the further melting of her form. She now drips whitish ooze continuously, draped with strings of gooey, lemon-scented slime. Occasionally, another new face forms within her body, strangely resembling the late Doctor Alphys. She screams unnaturally when within striking distance of prey. Otherwise, she moves almost completely silently. The only monster known to have escaped her tremendous, deadly jaws is the leader of what remains of the Royal Guard, though not without terrible injury.

Memoryhead Edit

The trio of amalgams act as a team to confuse, trap, and consume their prey. Their radioactive composition and ability to glitch through the time-space continuum aid them in this, disturbing and outmaneuvering any monster unlucky enough to encounter them. They can merge together to become a larger, more solid and consistent being, used most often to consume their caught meal. They have been heard screaming in glitched, uneven patterns, and occasionally in Doctor Alphys’ voice, usually if outsmarted by prey.
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Σ̸͚̬̖̠̲̞̬͐̓̿̆̐̚̚̚͟͠α̡̧̧͚̼̦͓̺͇͌̌̿̌̾͝ς̧̡͈͕͙́̉̍̎͗̋̋̊ β̭̜̰̭̍͊͗̿̃̈̌̈̕̚ͅρ̵̧͕̖̙̮́̾̊̅́̂̿̚͝͞ͅή̛̦̻̖̍͊͂̐͢͜͝κ̴̲̦̠͔̳͙̍̆̒̌̓̃͋̊͘ᾳ̢̤̼͙̉̇̈́̎̕͘̕ν̸̡̛̗̺̭͖͔͂̉̔̏̊͠.͖͖̭̯̫̣͓̫̓̇̌̒͊̉̐ͅ Property of Mercy-monster.

Reaper Bird Edit

It very rarely leaves the Lab, as its form has suffered the most from the effects of the Hunger. It seems to have been fragmented across hundreds and possibly thousands of planes of existence, as it is incapable of existing fully at only one point in time unless completely focused on something, such as eating. Once it has cornered prey, it will then take on a form so horrific and twisted that even the other amalgams cannot stand to be around it; a terror of broken limbs, fractured fangs, and headless corpses devouring the wretch it has cornered. The most consistent of its appearances in this plane is a large mass of white butterflies, or a single floating eye with gnashing jaws as its iris. It speaks in half-formed stutters, moaning the name Undyne, “I’m sorry”, and “Save me” when searching for food.

Snowdrake's Mother Edit

Did not survive her time confined to the labs. Without interaction from her son and husband, she succumbed to oblivion and receded into the mass of other monsters she was composed of, never to be seen again. All that is left of her is a sea of churning faces and fragmented voices, all crying out in agony and wretched distress. They roll across the ground in an undulating mass, seeking out the warmth of living creatures to consume. Items from those they have eaten remain within their mass, namely being clothes, jewelry, and personal affects. A pair of glasses and a ripped lab coat surface on occasion.