Tread carefully... they are always watching. Property of Mercy-monster.

The lava floes, rivers, and lakes of Hotland remain as they always did, bubbling and simmering in their molten beds. The machinery and pathways of the heat locked caverns have suffered greatly, though, crumbling and fracturing dangerously from low levels of maintenance and harsh maltreatment. Most of the traps have long been disabled, the homes and shops abandoned and falling to pieces, and above it all, the Core clanks, steams, and shudders in its casings, occasional explosions and falling pipes punctuating the screams and howls of the monsters roaming the volcanic wasteland. Muffet's enthralled spider sisters plague the walls and ceilings, subjects of the hive mind of their master, Mettaton's destroyed Resort looms in quiet effigy, what remains of the Royal Guard stalk the trapped paths between the failed elevators, and on the lowest levels of Hotland, the escaped Amalgams roam, searching tirelessly for prey.