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The Floweys act like mimics, flowers that smell so good that they draw in prey close only to swarm out of the ground to consume the unfortunate beast. Aaron sits upon his pedestal posing and flexing seductively as another monster falls into his traps. Alphys stalks Hotland with single-minded fervor, dragging her axe behind her and wearing a scrap of Undyne’s lab coat as a headband.

Dogamy has lost his mind, howling for his lost mate. Ice Wolf consumes all in his path. Nice Cream Guy rules the forest with iron will. Lesser Dog creates grotesque works of art from his unfortunate victims, totems and warnings to those that encroach on his land.

Aliza sa

Napstabot’s song haunts Waterfall, ringing through the halls in disturbing, repetitive, glitching insanity. Hapstablook haunts the Ruins, tragically alone and forever in mourning. Temmie, giant, bloated, rotten thing she has become, strikes from the shadows, whispering to herself and cackling endlessly.

Sans, lost to his dementia and obsession with his lost past, makes his traps and worships his lost bride. Papyrus, trying to take care of Sans, Aliza, and himself the best he can while mourning his own deceased lover, smiles no more. Aliza, resentful of her crazed father and apathetic uncle, too young to understand the kind of loss they both have suffered, wonders why she came at all.